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The event was entirely without budget, so sponsors were brought on board to provide prizes and assist with the event. The major prize was contributed by up and coming photographer Shaun Ferraloro, who contributed the poster image, also exhibited photos on the night and provided social photography. The graphic designer for the night’s lanyards and promotional posters and flyers was Tully Jagoe, also contributed his time in exchange for credit on the designs. There were countless other volunteers contributors including choreographer for the catwalk Crystle Challinger, and model for the posters and flyers Marijke Loosjes.

The venue, Geisha, hosted the event on an off peak night, and took the bulk of door sales as payment. Several other local businesses contributed into the prize pack in exchange for logo inclusions and presence at the event including The Moon cafe. Street press Xpress magazine produced a small write up of the event and was quoted on the colour poster.

Street Fashion

Vespertine was a ‘street fashion’ event held in 2011 at Geisha Nightclub as part of OnWilliam’s ‘Outskirts’ fashion fringe event. Outskirts allowed small fashion promoters to get involved in the broader Perth Fashion Festival with smaller events like this.

Vespertine was a competition where members of the public could submit their personal ‘street style’ to be judged by a panel of local business owners. Ten finalists were chosen and co-ordinated to catwalk at an event where members of the public could vote on their favourite.

Photography Exhibition and Marketplace

The event was held at Geisha Nighclub. Sponsors were allowed to submit fashion photography in A2 sized posters to hang on the night, and were invited to host a market stall to sell their designs. Some stalls were opened up to the broader local design community for free.


The event was promoted by high quality posters and flyers, hand posted and distributed to local businesses, and on social media by sponsors and partners of the event. The original call out for designs was published on social media and posted to any free local listings. An agreement was made with local street press Xpress to promote the competition, event and publish the name of the winner.


Sponsors & Volunteers