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The Start

Perth Culture began as a personal WordPress blog outside working hours. Through my day job in city marketing I realised that arts had little coverage in Perth despite a vibrant and rapidly growing performance art culture, largely due to the rapid growth of the arts festival Fringeworld. The demand for arts and culture coverage soon outstripped my abilities and I formed a team around me for 2.5 years.

The Growth

The growth began when we were approached by the Revelation Film Festival to cover a large number of their events. The short festival packed a large number of films into a few short days and more hands were needed immediately. Soon my inbox was overflowing with press releases from arts organisations wanting reviews and I couldn’t call any more friends in to help.

The Team

I got more serious with hiring aspiring writers who benefited as much from the site as I did and stepped back to Editor. Eventually we settled onto a small team, and I was able to find an experienced Editor (Sabian Wilde) to assist with developing writers properly.

My role shifted to networking to solidify Perth Culture’s reputation in the arts community, until I found a Director (Tabetha Beggs) who had both a head for organising and thrived on being the face of the site.

We had 23 great writers through our ranks over the 2.5 years Perth Culture was active for and produced over 400 articles. We had a further 40 organisations and individuals contribute events to our calendar.

The Highlights

A highlight for me was managing a hectic festival season with Instagram promotional videos, bewildering Fringeworld staff with 15 second takes. Second to this was being confident enough in my management team to move to Sydney while the site ran smoothly across the other end of the country.


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