Northbridge Art & Heritage Trail


Northbridge Art and Heritage Trail cover

The Problem

Find a way to promote tourism in the inner city precinct of Northbridge, a nightclub area in Western Australia with a rich cultural background.

Northbridge as an area is the ‘sister’ to the Perth CBD, separated by a railway that is planned to be sunk within the next few years. While the Perth CBD was a retail and burgeoning small bar hub, Northbridge was known for multicultural restaurants and nightclubs, often with the association of drunken violence. At the point this trail was pitched the area was becoming more family friendly with two government funded public screens the centre of free activities for families.

The Solution

I explored several ideas, and finally landed upon an historical audio tour of Northbridge that formed the basis of this eventual trail. A colleague had the idea of pairing this with contemporary art and culture to showcase the street art and sculpture work funded by the city. This also incorporated the cultural precinct with the state library, major galleries and museum.

The first step was writing the trail, with information pulled from the audio tour (courtesy of Department of Premier and Cabinet) and with the help of local street art experts The Butcher Shop. Images were sourced from artists, local and state libraries, the City of Perth’s various heritage departments and one submission from the public to a local newspaper.

The trail existed temporarily in sidewalk stickers leading you through Northbridge, with heritage images and interesting facts leading you along. The tour was also published online, in a virtual app called HistoryPin and in brochure.

We made the most of a small budget for promotion with printed postcards for distribution at our City information kiosk. We launched with a small press event, organised costumed promotional staff at Seniors Events and ran free tours with local award-winners Two Feet and a Heartbeat during Heritage Week.

Understanding the market

  • The unlikely pair of street art and heritage broadened the appeal
  • The trail was written in simple language and printed in large text to broaden the audience
  • The design was bright and fun with aged looking paper, a departure from most heritage publications

Extensive Consultation

  • The trail required co-ordination to collate and accredite information from:
    • several state and local government bodies
    • community groups
    • local businesses
    • members of the public


  • Brochures and flyers distributed from the City of Perth’s information kiosk
  • Brochures distributed at the State Library, Art Gallery of WA and WA Museum
  • Sidewalk stickers on the ground for 2-3 months
  • Free walking tours hosted during Heritage Days event
  • HistoryPin online tour with Google maps overlay of images online now
  • PDF of brochure on Perth City website now
  • Postcards distributed at hotels and tourist destinations around the city


  • Costumed promotional staff
  • Paid press advertising
  • Promotional postcards at Visitors Centre
  • Press launch & PR generating newspaper and radio coverage
  • Free tours during Heritage Week