My involvement with acroyoga

I first encountered acroyoga on 8th June 2015 through a friend, and followed up with a six week course later that year. After moving to Melbourne in mid 2016 I startedĀ attending ‘jams’ (free skillshare in a public park) and became more involved in the Melbourne community. Through word of mouth I discovered many classes and teachers that weren’t advertised more broadly. I talked to many people interested in the sport who were intimidated by the close-knit community and their lack of knowledge but weren’t sure where to go for classes.

The idea

My previous website, Perth Culture, ran an events calendar that members of the arts community in Perth could input events into. The website became defunct in late 2015, but the skills I learned from the site could easily transfer to serve the acroyoga community. Chatting with local teachers and jam organisers, I confirmed that there was a need for a central website consolidating acroyoga information for the country. And so was born.