No! It is as important for your pelvic floor to release as it is to contract, which is why we release our pelvic floor in Pilates on the inhale. Holding something in your vagina overnight is not going to help strengthen your pelvic floor. In fact it will either slip out (the best option), or you may end up creating hypertonic (overly tight) muscles as you try to squeeze for hours to hold it in. Hypertonic muscles can be quite painful and lead to pelvic floor dysfunction, meaning incontinence or worse.

 For those who don’t know the term, yoni eggs are used to train and enhance sexual muscles, including the pelvic floor. Although they are used in spiritual ways, their function is similar to kegel devices, which were designed in the 70s by Henry Kegel in the 60s to assist ‘kegels’, what we now call pelvic floor exercises. However the use of kegel devices is outdated medical science. These days it’s recommended to do your pelvic floor exercises unassisted, since this means you can exercise anywhere and your muscles are prepared to work unassisted for when you actually need them. Find out more from registered nurse, the kegel queen.