Australian Pilates instructor 

About me

I’m a Pilates matwork instructor based in Australia.

Unlike most fitness instructors, I didn’t grow up loving movement and team sports. In my mid 30s I still didn’t – I had a 9-5 desk job, only moving for the occasional drunken dance on the weekends.

 It was anxiety and back pain that made me snap out of my old lifestyle and start exercising, and it was an injury caused by that ‘snap’ that sold me on Pilates. A movement form that is safe and actually heals the body is pretty great, and one that compliments other forms of exercise as well is basically magic. Come do Pilates with me!

I’m certified with Polestar Pilates Australia.

What can Pilates do for you?

Improve pelvic floor engagement

Not just for pregnant or older women, many people don’t know how to correctly activate their pelvic floor during exercise, placing unnecessary stress on the ‘sling’ that sits under your organs, and risking incontinence or prolapse. Pilates works on engaging the pelvic floor the right way.

Flexibility the smart way

Being flexible is great, but being flexible in the right areas can help improve your posture and prevent back pain. Highly flexible people can also experience problems with a lack of stability and strength. Pilates works with smart flexibility – with strength and control, and a focus on the areas of the body that will most benefit from flexibility.

Relaxing those shoulders

Pilates works on activating the muscles you need, and relaxing the muscles you don’t. One of the most common symptoms of modern life are rounded and hunched shoulders. Pilates can help retrain you to relax the areas of your body that need it even other areas are working hard!

I now have the confidence after years of doing Pilates that I am getting the most out of each position – this is thanks to Lisa’s ability to clearly verbalise the moves with ease. I would highly recommend lessons with the lovely Lisa.


Lisa’s a great Pilates instructor! She’s been giving me private classes for a while, and it’s great to get my unfit ass moving again without aggravating my lower back injury.


I have been loving coming to Lisa’s classes over the last few months! She has such a great energy and a great attitude. Lisa is very hands on and knowledgeable in what she does. I’ve learnt so much from coming to her classes!